Dr. Victor I Petrik

inventor of HRCM

inventor of the noosphere

V.N. Grebnev

Nilesh Neel

original 21st century discoveries

  • Pure Water Program

    An international awareness movement dedicated towards promotion of importance of clean drinking water, powered with revolutionary HRCM technology

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  • ecological homes

    Griifin Nayza bringings the architecture of future to build eco-friendly homes rapidly, easier with fewer charges, concordantly with nature, with world.

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  • sports development

    Bringing the technology and sports science with help of one of the oldest and a highly ranked university in Russia to combat the falling sports substructure.

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  • Literature Academy

    IRSPBB is a dedicated academy to promote the literature of Dr. Bashir Bard along with providing an environment to creates interest in Urdu Shayari.

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Dr. Petrik giving a demonstration of HRCM technology to Mr. Gadkari

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What is HRCM?

As is well known, carbon is the most widespread element on Earth. Up to now, science knew of only three modifications of carbon - graphite (coal), diamond and the so called carbine.

HRCM is the fourth modification of carbon. It is not found in nature and people did not know about it till its creation in 1997 by academician of Russian Academy of Natural Sciences Petrik Viktor Ivanovich.

I bear personal responsibility for the superior quality of the purification of water and confirm - this is the best water for you and your children

Dr. V. I. Petrik Inverntor of HRCM

In representation of O21CD Indian Scientists Led by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar appreciated HRCM Nanotechnology in press conference at Itar Tass St. Petersburg, Russia

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We would be pleased to be associated with the university which has won so many gold medals in the Olympics, Let's move on with this project.

Manohar Parrikar Honorable Chief Minister Goa

It's not only about football, we are focusing on sports development in general with the Russian delegation down in Goa. GFDC in the long run wants Goa to produce athletes who can be Olympians who win medals for Goa and the country.

Dr. Rufino Monteiro Chairman, GFDC

What we have saw (in Russia) made us believe what we have talked for a long time but never accomplished. We will had nowhere of things remain the same.