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In representation of O21CD "Indian Scientists" Led by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar appreciated HRCM Nanotechnology in press conference at "Itar Tass" St. Petersburg, Russia

The press conference held at St. Petersburg at 'Itar Tass' was addressed by all the scientists of the delegation and Mr. Nilesh Neel. Mr. Nilesh Neel has put together the latest technologies under one roof, O21CD. The O21CD, an Original 21st century discovery is an initiative to bring together all the innovative technologies from diverse fields under one roof, comprising: ecological homes, Pure Water, sports development and literature academy

The official media reports covering in details of Lesgaft delegation visit to Goa for Sports development

The visit has given practical understandings and clear picture of the current scenario of Goa sports infrastructure. The physiological tests, tours of sports facilities and infrastructure, presentations and direct interactions of delegation with Goan schools over the 7 days has given depth understanding of how to launch the project in Goa also Goa university plans MoU with Lesgaft.

O21CD President Mr. Nilesh Neel visited Lesgaft University for understanding to bring Sports facilities in India.

Original 21st Century Discoveries Founder President Mr. Nilesh Neel visited Lesgaft University St.Petersburg Russia to understand the Sports facilities and future cooperation between O21CD and Lesgaft for development of Sports in India. On his visit Mr.Neel was welcomed by Lesgaft Rector (Vice Chancellor) Prof.Taymazov and attended by Mr.Yakov Morozov Director of Lesgaft, Mr Nikolaev Sergei, head of the North-West branch of the Federation of Sports Managers in Russia, Mr Nikitin Ruslan, deputy director of the Institute of Sports Facilities and the Industry.

exclusive interview with mr. vitaly grebnev, the author of "architecture of noosphere"

On an Official inauguration of Griffin Nayza Archtecture Pvt.Ltd. Russian Author of "The architecture of NooSphere" Mr.Vitaly Grebnev visited Pune, India. In exclusive interview with GNA Co-Founder and CEO Ms.Alpana Neel, Mr.Grebnev spoken with open and clear answers to strengthen the relation between Indian and Russian Collaboration Company Griffin and Nayza to "Greiffin Nayza" to introduce the world total ecological homes in India.

Mr. Nitin Gadkari had visited Russia to familiarize HRCM technology for pure drinking water

Following an invitation extended by WFR, Hon. Former BJP President, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, visited the Golden Formula headquarter at St.Petersburg in Russia in September 2010. The agenda of the invitation was to get introduced to the breakthrough inventions of Prof. V. I. Petrik specially his invention of HRCM: "Phenomenon of generation of nanostructured carbon complexes for purification of water"