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Month: September 2012

O21CD Special Endorsement bringing Lesgaft to India for Sports facilities

Original 21st Century Discoveries Founder President Mr.Nilesh Neel visited Lesgaft University St.Petersburg Russia to understand the Sports facilities and future cooperation between O21CD and Lesgaft for development of Sports in India. Latter Mr.Neel coordinated the official visit of Lesgaft officials in coordination with O21CD to GFDC coordinating the entire visit of Lesgaft team from 5th to 11th September 2011 and initiative in facilitating cooperation between Lesgaft University and state of Goa."

The official media reports covering in details of Lesgaft delegation visit to Goa for Sports development

The visit has given practical understandings and clear picture of the current scenario of Goa sports infrastructure. The physiological tests, tours of sports facilities and infrastructure, presentations and direct interactions of delegation with Goan schools over the 7 days has given depth understanding of how to launch the project in Goa also Goa university plans MoU with Lesgaft.