exclusive interview with mr. vitaly grebnev, the author of "architecture of noosphere"

On an Official inauguration of Griffin Nayza Archtecture Pvt.Ltd. Russian Author of "The architecture of NooSphere" Mr.Vitaly Grebnev visited Pune, India. In exclusive interview with GNA Co-Founder and CEO Ms.Alpana Neel, Mr.Grebnev spoken with open and clear answers to strengthen the relation between Indian and Russian Collaboration Company Griffin and Nayza to "Greiffin Nayza" to introduce the world total ecological homes in India

Mrs. Alpana - Good afternoon this is Alpana Neel from Griffin-Nayza ,we welcome you from Griffin-Nayza we would like to put across few questions regarding the technology. So here is my first question- How are you finding India?

Mr. Grebnev - Of course this is my first visit to India but my soul was always with India and my heart was always with India. I am with India. Of course physically I am here for the first time but I am associated with India since 30 years. I have gone through the works of Osho ,Krishnamurty Ramakrishna. I have studied Rugveda ,Ramayana , Mahabharata .So I am very much heartily associated with India.

Mrs. Alpana - Can you give some description that how are you connected to India so closely?

Mr. Grebnev - I am associated with India through company known as Griffin-Nayza. Management of this company is in the hand of Indian people and they are very much honest and they understand the technology and they are ready to develop it in future for India. I would like to thanks Mr Nilesh and I would like to appreciate him for his honesty, hardworking and his philosophical thoughts and of course his wife Alpana and their daughter Nayza

Mrs. Alpana - Thank you for the pleasure. What do you think about the current construction method in India and how it is different than the rest of the world?

Mr. Grebnev - So far as construction method is concern ,construction method is same through out the world,every where people are using concrete and iron bars so construction is same through out the world. So every where you can find monolithic construction. Monolithic construction means use of concrete and iron bars

Mrs. Alpana - What is Noosphere?

Mr. Grebnev - Noosphere means sphere of intellect and in other words combination of human being with nature.

Mrs. Alpana - Why sphere?

Mr. Grebnev - Life has evolved from round and secondly I have not seen anything which is rectangular in shape flies ,life is evolved from anything which is round actually sphere means life.Because everything which is living thing is come out from sphere, egg shape; that's why it is sphere

Mrs. Alpana - What is Grebnev's Architecture of Noosphere?

Mr. Grebnev - Grebnev's style of architecture Noosphere means- Harmony between human being and nature.

Mrs. Alpana - We would like to have explanation of how would the sphere houses are made ? What kind of material is used ? What kind of technology is used?

Mr. Grebnev - The basic material which we use in technology is minerals which are available in bulk throughout the world. Actually in this type of construction we don't use metal,metal-rods ,metal-sheets, the main reason is that using combination of metal and concrete is very harmful for the health of human-being and secondly it gets destroyed within few years, it may get corroded and result of that your health may damage, you may feel very hard to breath

Mrs. Alpana - What is Tundra?

Mr. Grebnev - Actually Tundra means foundation .The round ,circular shape foundation which is used as base for construction of this type of spheres

Mrs. Alpana - Why are the houses constructed earthquake resistant?

Mr. Grebnev - Sphere is having inside weight , it has been equally distributed in a sphere . That's why it does not exalt pressure on the foundation , so whenever earthquake occurs the foundation get shattered in the case of concrete construction but of course in spherical construction base of this particular sphere is not very much welded or blocked with the land so it is earthquake resistant

Mrs. Alpana - What is the shape of the room?

Mr. Grebnev - Shape of the rooms can be rectangular , can be square ,can be round so that is dependent upon taste of the person who is willing to construct such kind of house

Mrs. Alpana - How deep we go to construct?

Mr. Grebnev - Actually in cases of spheres all the foundations are on the surface of the land,so in case of concrete houses of course we are digging something and making trenches and doing same concrete job to make a strong foundation

Mrs. Alpana - In India the soil is different in all the localities, in different cities soil structure is different .So for example we have to construct the house on hill or on the flat surface ,so what kind of soil condition and different condition are needed for construction.

Mr. Grebnev - Sphere can be constructed on any kind of soil , soil is not the factor which decides whether to construct or not .We can construct this kind of sphere even on marshy land

Mrs. Alpana - Any specific condition or any special kind of environment required?

Mr. Grebnev - In India all these conditions are equally available and India's land and soil is fit for this kind of construction so no artificial environment is required ,everything is here to conduct such kind of construction

Mrs. Alpana - After construction if there are problem in the house . So what kind of post construction cost can be incurred for renovations in other word if you want to change the size of the room ? if you want to renovate entire house ? first of all is it possible or not and what kind of cost can be incurred?

Mr. Grebnev - So the cost will be the same as we spend on any concrete houses ,cost will remain same

Mrs. Alpana - But then the shapes?

Mr. Grebnev - Shapes can be modified

Mrs. Alpana - Can we build multi-storeyed ? If yes how many can be maximum storeys?

Mr. Grebnev - As yet we have not constructed any such multi-storeyed building but we can construct such type in future.So right now it will be too early to comment because work is going on particular subject but anyway we can use this particular material for construction of multi-storeyed building. We can use this kind of material in place of bricks just for wall making.

Mrs. Alpana - On what basis we are saying this is 100% eco-friendly construction?

Mr. Grebnev - In fact the thing is that, this particular sphere is being constructed using the minerals but anyway before choosing the minerals we have to check radiation , whether there is radiation or not? That's why on the basis we can say it is 100% eco-friendly construction, because the base in minerals.

Mrs. Alpana - You have already told about the material used, but brief me what you use for wall, for stairs , for rods ; what do you use please specify on that?

Mr. Grebnev - Of course we can use the similar form which can be produced using sand , some percentage of water and Aerolite PSL . If you want to use it for staircases you will not dilute it and will not make it foam. Because if you are not foaming it then it is as similar characteristic parameters you can say properties as concrete . So it will react as concrete

Mrs. Alpana - How do we think noosphere can help to solve India's housing problem?

Mr. Grebnev - You see that the construction period is very less as compared to other houses which are constructed on concrete. So first there are two main thing . One factor is less time it takes for constructions and second factor is low cost . Low cost means the material which are taking for this types of spheres are natural and they are available in nature in bulk

Mrs. Alpana - Less time means how much less time , we need a comparison?

Mr. Grebnev - We can construct 500 sq.feet of flat using this technology in just 15 days

Mrs. Alpana - And about cost on what basis you say low cost , less labour and other things?

Mr. Grebnev - There are two basic factors first is the labour and second thing is all the materials we are using is natural so of course when you combine both this things , the cost will go down.

Mrs. Alpana - What is Griffin , what is Nayza little highlight on the collaboration?

Mr. Grebnev - First I would like to tell you the meaning what is Griffin ,Griffin means a half crow and half lion this is Griffin , it is mystical animal and Nayza means a girl which is born and brought up with love and affection

Mrs. Alpana - And little highlight on collaboration , what kind of relationship and the sharing?

Mr. Grebnev - This technology 50% patent has been provided to Nayza and 50% being held by Griffin .So that's how Griffin and Nayza are associated

Mrs. Alpana - Is there possibility of comparison of cost between this technology and the normal technology available in the country?

Mr. Grebnev - Actually it will be too early to say anything but of course we can save a lot up-to 30%than any general construction which is done by using concrete

Mrs. Alpana - As you say we will save money it is clear to us, but we will also like to know that , is the cost also depend on the area , on the state ,on the place?

Mr. Grebnev - The cost will depend on the fact how far the mineral are located , how far the place of construction is ,so all these factor depend on the costing of the project

Mrs. Alpana -So it may differ from project to project in other words?

Mr. Grebnev - Yes, it may differ from case to case , it will depend in which city you are constructing . Do they have any such minerals available in bulk in near by places

Mrs. Alpana -Last but not the least , what are the plans for India.?

Mr. Grebnev - The main plan is we have to collaborate and we have to go further using this technology . And of course we will also introduce new technologies in near future to India , beside this technology

Mrs. Alpana - Additional question to last question. What kind of building can be constructed like school, hospital if you can give us little explanation on that?

Mr. Grebnev - Of course we construct number of building which are still being constructed using concrete in rectangular and square forms which may include hospitals , clubs , restaurants ,any creche type of building covered children park. We can construct such kind of things

Mrs. Alpana - Thanks a lot for your valuable time. And we hope to have long term and sweet relationship With you?

Mr. Grebnev - Thanks to you that you allocated such precious time for me