"The Architecture of NooSphere" Author Mr.Vitaly Grebnev visit to India

Both Mr.Neel and Mr.Grebnev collaborated to work together in India by sharing the Patent 50/50 to implement the new concept of architecture and construction to give total ecological homes to the people without the use of cement, bricks, steel, iron rod, metal stone etc

Mr. Grebnev's visit to india

Griffin Nayza Architectures Private Limited, INDIA (Griffin-Nayza) is one of its kind Technological Joint Venture between Russia and India. "Griffin" means a half crow and half lion, it is mystical animal and "Nayza" means a girl which is born and brought up with love and affection. Both Mr.Neel and Mr.Grebnev collaborated to work together in India by sharing the Patent 50/50 to implement the new concept of architecture and construction to give total ecological homes to the people without the use of cement, bricks, steel, iron rod, metal stone etc.

Griffin is Russian Company lead by one of the greatest architecture of modern times - Mr. Grebnev Vitaly. Mr. Grebnev has developed a house-building technology which has changed the meaning of ECOLOGICAL living for modern generation. Mr. Grebnev's technology of construction does not uses fement, Rod, bricks and even there is no need to dig the earth for stability or make special lanterns to cover the house. Technology of NOOSphere - as named by Mr. Grebnev is one of the greatest innovations of 21st century which is going ignite a revolution in construction Industry.

Mr. Grebnev's architecture technology is based on nature's very basic concept of Spheres. Mother Nature has made everything as sphere starting from mother's womb to various planets in the Universe. There is nothing, which is made by nature, which has edges or is in shape of BLOCK. Construction with edges is against nature and that is the reason behind various natural disasters like Earth Quakes, Destruction due to heavy winds or even Tsunami. Man was supposed to live on the Earth not within in the Earth. Mr. Grebnev has not only done a scientific discovery but also reminded the Generation to work along with Nature not against it.

For constructing a unit using Mr.Grebnev's technology yon need to design a TUNDA which will rest on the ground *Special Rods (made of a easily available mineral) are fixed within this Tunda to support the construction.

These rods are not more than 6 feets in height and are the only Rods to be used for further construction * Once this spherical shape TUNDA is ready (which take around 24-48 hours only) *special shuttering is used to give shape to construction *Once shuttering is fixed a special mixture of (local) Mud and a special mineral (patented by Griffin-Nayza)is poured in to create the walls -) This mixture dries up within 48-72 hours and construction is ready for business / Move-in. Whole process of constructing a house on 2500square feet land does not take more than 10days. And the whole process does not need more than 10 people. The innovation not only saves usage of various unnatural resources but also saves lots of manpower and money by reducing the construction time.

Mr. Nilesh Neel while working in Russia with Prof. Victor I. Petrik on Water Freedom Revolution was introduced to Mr. Grebnev's technology. Mr. Nilesh did not expect anything less from scientist of level Mr. Grebnev. Both Mr. Neel and Mr. Grebnevis of Philosophical and poet in thoughts and Mr.Neel knew very well that Mr.Grebnev invention of NooSphere houses is discovered by nature and primitive thoughts and it's the discovery of 21"' centuary Architecture of NooSphere. Hence being a visionary Mr. Nilesh got impressed by the technology so much that he immediately decided to introduce Mr. Grebnev to India. Mr. Grebnev and Mr. Nilesh discussed about construction in India and Asia along with soil, climates and various practical problems faced by General public and construction companies. Mr. Grebnev and Mr. Nilesh then decided to introduce the technology to Indian Market. Griffin-Nayza was then born with equal financial shares. Griffin decided to transfer the technology along with sharing the patents for Asian Markets. Griffin-Nayza Architecture trrivate Limited, INDLA has exclusive rights for India and South East Asia to represent Technology of NOOSphere along with rights to undertake any projects any where in the world in collaboration with Griffin, Russia.

Summary of Mr. Grebnev's Visit

  1. Griffin Nayza Architecture is highly obliged to coordinate Indian visit of Mr. Grebnev. People of Mr. Grebnev's capacity and caliber are rare in today's world and hosting them in India is one of the lifetime opportunities
  2. Mr. Nilesh felt very satisfied that Mr. Grebnev's visit to India was very successful both in terms of understanding of Indian culture and Business needs.
  3. Mrs. Alpana is very satisfied to see that most of the questions from Indian Market are answered with atmost satisfaction by Mr. Grebnev.
  4. We feels that now market understands the NOOSphere better and now is the right time to start working on Business Plan and Collaborations
  5. Following are some of the areas GNA would work
    1. Warehouses
    2. Resorts
    3. Schools and Other Educational Institutes + Hospitals
    4. Low Cost Housing / High Rise Buildings
    5. Exclusive Housing
  6. Following are some of the immediate Actions Mr. Grebnev line up
    1. Illustrations for Warehouse, schools, hospitals & Exclusive Housing
    2. Business Plan for ROD. This need to explain the technology, current production capacity in Russia (if we need to import from Russia for next I year) and details for setting up production plant in India to satisfy the market demands
    3. Business Plan for WOOD, which has to be similar to Business Plan for ROD. For WOOD we will have to take clearance from Indian and Russia Governments along with getting it tested for Indian Market
    4. Work on collaboration details with some of the potential clients
    5. Decide on first 5 projects to undertake and their timelines
  7. Finally it has been decided that after completing legal and financial obligations from both the sides a land of 2-3 Acers shall be procured and constructions shall be done after importing the shuttering and other required material from Russia. Plan is being finalized to construct corporate offices for (1) Water Freedom Revolution (2) Griffin Nayza Architectures (3) International Readers Society of Poet Bashir Badr ORSPBB) along with constructing house and mini Guest House

Griffin Nayza has taken this decision to make their own construction as it was very important to showcase the technology and seriousness of GNA as organization. For organization to start business at such a huge level in India. Its necessary to showcase the end product to Government, Investors and Potential Clients. Along with being showcase and a construction which will undergo all tests and approvals from Government; this construction will also be a masterpiece ever created on the land of India. The single piece of Land will host corporate offices of 3 organization along with showcase constructions such as rest houses, mini mall and libraries

Once this construction is complete a (Mega) Press Conference will be organized which will host all the , major media companies along with a tour to major Construction and Architecture Organizations of India (and Asia). During this process we would any way work with some of the potential clients but this site will be our show case to world and mark the official launch of construction by Grfffin Nayza Architecture in India since construction will be used for all further reference.