ICCR launched the award winning poetry book "life"

On 28th May 2013. "Indian Council for Cultural Relations, India (Government of India) and India International Centre launched the poetry book "Life" the collection of Urdu and Hindi poetry. In presence of eminent personalities, Bureaucrats, Academician, scholars and top famous Businessman and Industrialist Eminent Hindi poet and critic Dr. Ashok Vajpeyi release the book. Mr.Neel is honored by Russian prestigious award The Order of National Glory for his poetry book 'Life" The event chaired by Dr.Suresh K.Goel, Director General, ICCR / Ex-Secretary Minister of External Affairs, India.

Neel writes Azad Ghazals, Which means that his Ghazals are a seemingly distinguishable from the traditional Persianized Urdu and practice of Ghazal writing. Typically poetry has been following an intrinsic tradition for expression; yet it has poetic vanity, which makes it unique in itself.

"Qalam Badli Syahi Badli,
Mohabbatt ke Alfaz wahi thay wahi hai"

The espression reflected in "life" is unparalleled and it is a manifestation to touch the hearts of many. The shers can easily be associated with and truly felt. Poet truly manifests his veracity by saying this sher ...

"Meri Qalam Main Zindagi ki Syahi Hasin,
Shabdo Main saas Lete Hain Dharakte Hain"

Nilesh Neel is evidently the new voice of true poetry, also his shayari has created a new style which paints new colours and creates new experience. He expresses a complete shayari in 2 lines which in thoughts and ideas has a manifest of universal literature. I like his approach of free expression in Hindi and Urdu. These days, when liberated expression is becoming common, there his Ghazals set an example of creative originality.

Nilesh Neel's 2 lined Shayari has the beauty of perfect illustration which is an expression of true, lively and positive shayrai. His shayari have life, love which gives that complete poetic expression that which is conveyed by some long story tale's, memory's, intention's and dream's complete poetic expression

Neel is a New Voice of New Shayari

Bashir Badr eminent Urdu Poet of india

Neel's Shayari is life's shayari, its song of life and a love, it's the lyric that beautifies the world, and it's the air in which there are millions and millions of voices.

Laughing of tears, smiling of sunshine, descending of the moonlight in the eyes ... are new and untouched thoughts. Happiness with sorrows, smiles with tears is the two sides of the image of a life. Like a photographer and a shaer the illustration of these two have been beautifully beaded in words by Nilesh Neel that they glitter like sparkle of diamonds or the like the beaded stars of the sky in the drape of beloved lady.

It doesn't show off like liberal thoughts of the progressive poets or like the meaningless verses of poets of post impressionism. It is as clear as a crystal which easily makes a place in the heart. Start reading Nilesh Neel's Shayari from any page from any line; it aligns itself to your thoughts as though talking to you. It becomes your companion in sorrow and also alongside smiles with you.

Nilesh Neel's poetry is not an enlightenment it is only and only Nilesh Neel and its only he who can narrate a Sher like this. It nowhere has an impression or imitation of his favorite teacher Bashir Badr it neither has that diction nor that style. He envisions world in his own way, he's experienced and assimilate the thoughts through thinking. His is search for truth; whether it is through 8 ideologies of life or 10 commandments.

Iqbal Masood Urdu Critics