visit of Indian Scientific Delegation to Prof. V. I. Petrik's laboratory in Russia

Indian Scientific delegation led by Dr.Vijay Bhatkar were invited by Professor Viktor I. Petrik through Mr. Nilesh Neel Founder President Water Freedom Revolution (WFR) to visit his labs in St. Petersburg, Russia to get familiar with his inventions and innovations for harnessing them in India and for the larger benefit of the humanity as a whole.

The Indian scientific delegation led by Dr. Vijay Bhatkar included Dr. Shivram Bhoje, Dr. S. H. Pawar, Dr. Satish Wate, Mr. P. J. Rangari and Mr. Elvis P. Gomes, with Mr. Nilesh Neel acting as a coordinator. The visit was undertaken from 22nd July to 29th July 2013.

The Indian scientific team was made familiar with the following inventions of Prof. Petrik: Graphenes and Highly Reactive Carbon Mixture (HRCM), including their commercial production method; Production of Platinum Group Metals by Gas Phase; Anti-Stokes Fluorescent Compositions and their Security Applications; Gas Phase Fluorrsilane Technology for Silicon Production; Golden Section in Nature Art and Mathematics; and High Temperature Optical Armor Ceramics.

Team of Scientists

The delegation was formed, consisting of

Dr. Vijay Bhatkar

  • Chariman, Board of Governors, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi
  • Chairman, ETH Research Lab, Pune
  • Former Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Government of India.
  • Former Executive Director of C-DAC, Pune.
  • Founder Chancellor India International Multiversity.

Dr. Shivram Bhoje

  • Chancellor, D.Y. Patil University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
  • Former Director, Indira Gandhi Centre for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam, Department of Atomic Energy, Government of India
  • Former chief Academy Advisor, Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Dr. S. H. Pawar

  • Vice Chancellor, D Y Patil University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
  • Former Prof & Head of Department of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra

Dr. Satish Wate

  • Director, NEERI, CSIR, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India

Mr. P. J. Rangari

  • Chief Engineer, MIDC, Nanded, Maharashtra, India

Mr. Elvis P. Gomes

  • Director & Additional Secretary, Urban Development, Government of Goa

Mr. Nilesh Neel

  • Poet, Entrepreneur and Coordinator.
  • Founder, President & Director Original 21st Century Discoveries Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founder, President & Director, Water Freedom Revolution Industries Pvt. Ltd
  • Founder, President & Director, Griffiannayza Architecture Pvt. Ltd.
  • Founder, President & Director, IRSPBB.
  • Founder & Chairman,

The visit was undertaken from 22nd July to 29th July 2013

day one - 23rd july 2013

Prof. Petrik addressing to the Indian delegation
at Hotel Astoria

Group photo of Indian delegation with Prof. Petrik
at conference

1st day was presentation at the 'Benua' hall in hotel 'Astoria'. The presentation was conducted by Prof. Petrik presenting the scientist's inventions, discoveries and technologies.

Following were the subjects covered in the presentation

  1. Invention: "Phenomenon for generation of nanostructures carbon complexes", This Discovery was awarded by International Association of scientific discovery authors, on January 3, 2001, Diploma No. 163.
  2. Invention: "Phenomenon of nuclear-spin selectivity in reversible chemical reactions with graphenes. Discovery was awarded by International Association of scientific discovery authors, on June 15, 2006, Diploma No. 312."
  3. Invention: "Phenomenon of magnetically ordered state of Osmium-187 isotope in ferromagnetic matrix". Discovery was awarded by International Association of scientific discovery authors, on July 7, 2001, Diploma No. 180.
  4. Invention: "Unique gas-phase method for extraction, separation and refining platinum group metals and production of catalysts for oil and automobile industry based on this method."

day two - 24th july 2013

The deligation have visited Prof. Petrik laboratories for demonstration of the technologies presented on the previous day

Following were the subjects covered in the presentation

  1. Extraction and division of metals of platinum group in the test plant.
  2. Production of high-active catalysts from gas phase, transfer of produced catalyst samples, intake of obtained metals
  3. Gas-phase synthesis of solar silicon. Method for production of mono crystalline and polycrystalline silicon from gas phase, competitive properties of solar silicon from gas phase & its demonstration in the plant
  4. Industrial production of graphenes from graphite by cold destruction method.
  5. Discussion of new carbon material properties. Transfer of samples
  6. Anti-Stokes Compound: high resolution ability. Manufacturer of safety labels for products for which the protection and identification of authenticity is exercised directly by the consumer

day three - 25th july 2013

The deligation have visited the production facility units, Details of the Familiarization session

  • Familiarization with industrial production of graphenes
  • Familiarization with production of optically transparent polycrystalline armor ceramics
  • Familiarization with production of metal nano-powders
  • Familiarization with industrial production of Rhenium

The deligation was also introduced to another discovery. "Regularity of formation of geometrically spatial multi-dimensional structure using golden section mathematical algorithm". Discovery was awarded by International Association of scientific discovery authors, on March 29, 2000, Diploma No. 163

  • Golden section in nature, arts and mathematics
  • Golden section and violin
  • Golden section and pyramid
  • Golden section and chemical reactions. (We have not described this anywhere in the report.)
  • Internet technologies. New applications for iOS-based devices. (We have not described this anywhere in the report.)

day four - 26th july 2013

A press conference was held at 'Itar Tass' office, St. Petersburg, where the deligation shared their experience, observations and inferences drawn by them after the 3 days visit to laboratories and production facilities

day five - 27th july 2013

Video Interview coverage at Astoria Hotel. A brief interview of the deligation about their experience was recorded at hotel Astoria

day six - 28th july 2013

Meeting with Deputy Director General RISTC at Metropol Hotel Moscow

Dr. Bhatkar and Mr. Neel with Mrs. Lyudmila

Mrs. Lyudmila honoured with shawl by Mr. Neel

At Hotel Metropol there was a meeting with Mrs. Lyudmila Kornaukhova, Deputy Director General of Russian-Indian Scientific and Technological Centre, Moscow with Dr. Vijay Bhatkar and Mr. Nilesh Neel. Mrs. Lyudmila has a long association with Dr. Bhatkar in ILTP programme and coordinator in the project of Super Computer. Dr. Bhatkar introduced Mrs. Lyudmila to Mr. Nilesh Neel. They discussed directions for cooperation between the Indian organization O21CD and RISTC.

day seven - 29th july 2013

Meeting with the President of Kremlin Fond at Metropol Hotel Moscow

Ms. Lyubov Kulikova honoured with shawl by Dr. Bhatkar

The President of Kremlin Fond Ms. Lyubov Kulikova working with Mr. Nilesh Neel under MOU signed for Business Cooperation in the areas of Economic Cooperation, Cultural Interaction and Tourism with O21CD. Ms. Lyubov Kulikova wanted to meet Dr. Bhatkar as a courtesy meeting, where she mentioned that she is happy to extend all support for any projects of Indian-Russians inventions with Indo-Russia collaboration.